Personal details


Jade Geels
Alkmaar, Netherlands

Work experience

Currently active role
2021 - present
    Freelance work
  • Software/digital engineering
  • Game development
  • Web development
  • See projects page for details on projects
Currently active role
2022 - present
  • Full-stack web development
  • Laravel, Vue/Alpine, TailwindCSS
  • Magento2 with Rapidez
Bachelor's thesis project
2020 - 2021
  • Analysis and optimization of computational performance in a reimagined processing environment
2019 - 2020
  • Design and research of a Digital Twin (Internship)
College minor project
2017 - 2019
  • Writing software for HU-2 electric racing vehicle (from scratch)
  • General electric design for said electric racing vehicle
  • Participated in the Formula Student event in Silverstone
??? - ???
  • Programming jobs for Advanced Network Services
  • Student assistant at THUAS, helping students with programming and digital logic subjects
  • Several small individual paid projects


Bachelor of Science
Electrical Engineering
The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Delft


Programming languages
  • Assembler
    Knowledge of various instruction sets
    Lots of experience in intricate assembler optimizations
  • C#
    Many years of experience creating all sorts of C# applications
    Experience in using P/Invoke when necessary
  • Python
    Many years of experience creating various small programs for personal use
  • C
    Single-handedly created an entire electric racing car ECU from scratch in pure C
    Can use in-line assembly for certain optimizations
  • Java
    A lot of experience from C# carries over
    Mostly experience from creating Minecraft mods
  • Etc...
    C++, Haskell, PHP, Ruby, Julia, Lua...
    I have used too many programming languages to list
Development tools
  • Vim
    Used as my main text editor for many years
  • Git
    A good amount of experience in version control with Git, mostly on Github
  • Visual Studio (and VSCode)
    First programming experience was Visual Studio 2006, been using the software for programming C# ever since
  • Atmel Studio
    Used this to program the Formula Cruisers electric race car
    Experienced in using it for both C and Assembler
  • Notepad++
    Versatile text editor that I used a lot before switching to Vim
Web dev experience
  • JavaScript
    Web development at JustBetter using Vue and Alpine. Many small web projects, including a tool that many people use daily to practice speedcubing.
  • Laravel & Laravel Blade
    Improvements in the Rapidez backend using Laravel. Web development at JustBetter using Laravel Blade templates and components.
  • HTML5
    See this website, which was written completely from scratch
  • CSS & TailwindCSS
    Web development at JustBetter using TailwindCSS for frontend styling.
Other dev experience
  • MonoGame
    Developed an entire video game from scratch for Conradical Games using MonoGame and C#
  • OpenGL (including GLSL)
    Unfortunately, having to directly deal with OpenGL is something I have experienced
  • FFmpeg
    A little experience in using FFmpeg directly through game development

  • LaTeX
    I've written my technical documents in LaTeX for years, including my thesis.
  • JSON
    For me, the default data-interchange format for any purpose
  • XML
    Learned how to use XML many years ago by programming a simple xml viewer/editor
  • Markdown
    Experience stems mostly from social media (Reddit, Discord) and Github readme files
MS Office
  • Word
    Learned to use Word back in primary school, standard word processor when LaTeX is overkill
  • Excel
    Whether for storing data or to use as a calculator, I've been using Excel for many years
  • PowerPoint
    Learned to use PowerPoint for presentations in primary school and still use it to this day
  • Project
    Used MS Project twice as a planning tool for college projects
Audiovisual tools
  • FL Studio
    Used to create sound effects and music for nearly a decade
  • Photoshop
    Used for advanced photo editing and artworks
  • After Effects
    For video editing and used to create animated images
  • Audacity
    Used as a simple audio trimming/processing utility
  • Inkscape
    Used for simple vector graphics, for example see the logos and background of this website
  • Krita
    Used only more recently for artwork and a little bit of image editing

Miscellaneous skills
Typing skills:
>130 words per minute typing speed. Also proficient in the use of stenography machines (although rusty on speed and consistency)
Dutch (first language) and English on C2 level (native speaking level)
Deep optimization, Machine Learning (Neural Networks, Deep Learning, etc), WinAPI, OpenGL
Digital Logic (FPGAs, optimized logic gate usage), soldering, PCB design (KiCad, EAGLE, DesignSpark), use of many types of measuring equipment
Lean Six Sigma, Yellow Belt

Additional things worth mentioning
  • Fast learner; can quickly adapt to new software or techniques
  • Have held and still hold various optimization records in various puzzle/programming competitons
  • Can solve a Rubik's cube one-handed within 15 seconds (I also used to hold the unofficial world record fastest one-handed solve at 5.06 seconds)
  • 1st place in Kangoeroe maths competition 2014 (WizProf, HAVO)